The Wonderful World of Incense

Incense is a perfect way to fragrance your home and rid it of unwelcome smells. Unlike air freshener, high quality incense contains no harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Incense vs. Air Fresheners

  • Incense is long lasting and fills the room: Air fresheners lasts only a few minutes and is limited to a confined space
  • Incense that is hand crafted and of superior quality is safe indoors for you and your family: Air fresheners may contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can cause breathing problems.
  • Incense actually rids your home of bad odors from cooking, pets, etc.: Air fresheners mostly mask over bad smells without eliminating them, so later on you will have to use more to overcome the smell.

CAUTION: Don’t Buy Cheap “Dollar Store” Incense!

Here are some things you should look for to make sure you are choosing an incense of superior quality:

  1. Make sure that the incense is hand crafted. Many cheap incenses are dipped using harmful chemicals.
  2. Read the list of ingredients: these ingredients should be all naturals substances (e.g., honey, bamboo, sandalwood, herbal substances, flower petals or parts). Well made incense contains no synthetics or chemicals.
  3. Another feature to look for, especially when it comes to incense sticks, is look for a product that is low smoke. Many cheaper incenses can fill the room with smoke that can sting the eyes and cause coughing.

The very best incense usually comes from India or is made in Indian style. The reason for this is that the hand crafting process in India is ancient and highly specialized.